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Five Chinese academic, the origin start from the early Chinese Emperor's time, also is said the start of humanity. Five Chinese academic has five techniques, which are “life, fate, geomancy (Feng Shui), Charitable and study." All humans live under this five techniques philosophy, including the soul

Five Chinese academic is a Chinese unique culture, starts from early Chinese times, people officially indicate "the mountain", "the medicine", "the life", "the physiognomy", "the divination" as the five Chinese academic techniques; people studies this knowledge being called “five techniques or the master".

Five Chinese academic are the statistic that calculates by the ancestors through their accumulation experiences from observing the celestial phenomenon. As long as it utilizes appropriately, it can have the greatest help to each person's life. Five techniques certainly are not the superstitions, but is a philosophy, and its accuracy is quite high. If you have a mind to study, slowly understand the five techniques from the shallow to the deep, you can realize about the life.

Five Chinese academic respectively have the different significance and characteristic, and there has the correlation nature in between. If you do not understand the significance and the special characteristic, you are unable to understand humanity's destiny and the improvement.

Five Chinese techniques


“Mountain” refers to the self-cultivation of heart and thing, and the terminology of psychosomatic exercise. Psychosomatic can be strengthened by the practice of physical and mental. It contains devotional, amulet, and keeping in good health.

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"Medicine" refers to "Chinese medicine". It emphasizes the coordination of "masculine and feminine elements", neutralization, and balance; that is also the principle of a Chinese doctor in treating an illness. As Chinese medicine does not have the side effect or the side effect is very small, it has gradually received the modern people to take. "Medical treatment" is the terminology of treating an illness and the protection of human health.

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“Physiognomy” refers to an observation of object and phase. The target is the object that we can see. "The human phrenology” may divide into "the palm observation ", "the face observation ", and Feng Shui (geomancy) may divide into “house phase”, and "the grave phase". Physiognomy is the easiest knowledge among all the studies in five techniques, especially the palm reading and the face reading. As long as you slightly understand the general knowledge, it helps you in making friends, matching partners and doing business. When we primary meet with a person, it is hard to know the person’s background and personality; by understanding physiognomy, you will be easily understand person’s personality and manner, reduced the nonessential wrong judgment.

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“Life” refers to understand human. By knowing person’s born time "year, month, date, time", to forecast and decide the person good and bad fortune; But is not by the bone time "year, month, date, time" to decide human's bad fortune. Two views although is similar, but the significance is extremely different. We should know the life and death, wealth and poor; wait and seize the opportunity, then create the opportunity!

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“Divine” refers to forecast the situation and process event. In the daily life, some people can have the very tremendous influence to oneself. If you can utilize some method to know things in advance, then you can think ahead of a method to process; and this processing method can have the very tremendous influence to own destiny. If we do not know how to process, it is unable to change own destiny, and utilizes it.

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