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To perform a remote consultation for your house, you will need to provide us the year of the house built, and the birthdays of the members living in the house.


Below is the instruction for you to do:

1) Email me a floor plan and picture of your house.

2) Purchase a degree compass.

3) Using the compass, take measurements in your house

by following instructions that we will provide you through email.

4) Email your measurements (in degree) to us.

5) We will email your Feng Shui advice back to you.


The cost of a remote consultation is US$298.(Please pay by check, payable to

Feng Shui Pang, Inc. at P.O. Box 373. Fremont, CA 94537. USA) Once we get your check, we may start the Feng Shui Consultation.



Feng Shui Consultant, Master James Pang Tel: 1-650-296 6632 Email: info@fengshuipang.com






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